Art is love


How it all started

You dont care how it started… but for shits and giggles I will tell you- I have always been attracted to colors- they are and have always been enticing to me, color allows people to express themselves and we all know color brings out emotions. Lets fast forward to April 2019, I am working full time in the auto industry (as I have been for the last 18 years) and my bitch ass boss brings me into his office. “Hey Peak, we are going in a different direction.” I’ve been fired before (like 13 times to be exact) so it was no big deal to me.

Well here I am sitting at home with no job… hopped on twitter and a pour painting video came across my timeline. I watched it and was seriously intrigued. I needed to do something to relieve the stress and this was perfect. I watched videos and read about pouring paint for about 8 hours straight before I decided to go to Hobby Lobby and get all the supplies I needed to TURN UP. That is all she wrote- I have been hooked ever since. Starting with small canvases and different methods and quickly moving up to large canvase. I study artists constantly and find myself in love with this process. Art is definitely love- Ever since I can remember, I have loved colors. For those who know me, you understand- from my @soxy socks and @ethika underwear that I have been rocking for years colors have just been my thing. They say you need to find a 3 hobby’s

  • One to make you money.

  • One to keep you in shape

  • One to keep you creative.

Well I found art a short while ago and have taken a double deep dive into in. More to come soon… I look forward to some of my creations making it to a wall in your home or office soon.

When the universe presents an opportunity to you (trust me you will know it) run full speed ahead at it, don’t let a damn thing stop you or convince you this opportunity isn’t for you.
— @jessepeakdotcom


Let your passions push you. There is a gift that the higher power put in each one of us, when you realize why you were placed on this earth- GO GET IT. Hustle your ass off to make it happen. If you don’t… we won’t talk about if you won’t- JUST BE RELENTLESS WITH YOUR PASSIONS!